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Jérôme Scullino’s journey as a photographer began at age 11 in his hometown of St. Raphael, France, when a school assignment captured his imagination. His route was not a traditional one, however, and lead him to study art in England, to New York where he studied philosophy, anthropology, and creative writing, followed by a foray into professional photography in the Dominican Republic, and finally to Canada where he completed his BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, all to return to where he began at age 11: behind the lens of a camera.
It was in Canada where Jérôme met his wife and muse, Nisha. Despite Jérôme’s initial doubts that photography could be a viable career, and with Nisha’s support, Jérôme started his own photography company and has never looked back.

It wasn’t until 2007, however, that Jérôme’s true vision for his business began to take shape.
“In 2007, which was definitely a pivotal time in my artistic life, I did my first major fine art exhibits, and that really turned things around for me,” said Scullino.
Les Invisibles, a vernissage of the elders of Collioure, France, was unveiled by the town’s mayor and captured the cultural richness and potential of Collioure’s elderly. The fine art exhibition inspired and motivated Jérôme to strive for more from himself as an artist.

“It gave me kind of a push in my confidence, where I felt that I could be good…and I realized I liked doing that art, and so I decided to call myself Jérôme Photographer…I felt it had more of a fine art feel and it was very personal.
In 2010 Jérôme travelled to Arizona and visited Antelope Canyon: “That was a spiritual journey for me” explained Scullino, “I realized I needed to push further into doing personal projects because the fine art photography translates into all the work I did, whether it was family portraiture, or commercial work or even weddings.
Beyond aesthetically pleasing images, artistic and spiritual empowerment are a large part of the experience Jérôme strives to create.
“Each time you meet someone there is an opportunity to do something extraordinary, that’s what motivates me.”

Jérôme is also planning school and community workshops.
“It’s an opportunity for me to go out in the community, explain to people what it is I do, and teach about art history and what is art through my eyes and see if that inspires them to create more art…I think I can help a lot of people find their own expression through photography.”

"Everyone we spoke with absolutely loved your presentation. Many weren’t sure that they would get much out a wedding photography presentation as many of the members will never shoot a wedding. Your presentation, however, reach way beyond weddings and really touched the artist in all of us.
I had one member who approached me that was going home to revisit her vacation photos as there were some she was preparing to discard as they weren’t perfectly in focus. After viewing your photographs, she realized that it was okay if there was blurriness and movement and really was going to look with fresh eyes.
We loved the fact that you brought in prints. So often we forget the beauty of a print and the impact they can have.
I know you were worried about your accent, but it was not a problem at all. Your presentation was well thought out, your personality was infectious and I think I speak for all of us when I say we thoroughly enjoyed it!
We would love to have you back again." - Janna Glenn – Vice-President of Orleans Photo Club

In addition to his community based work shops, Jérôme also runs a very active charity program, supporting local organizations with his talent and enthusiasm. These initiatives not only allow Jérôme to give back, they are also an important way for him to connect with his community, a reciprocal relationship he cherishes.

“I believe that art is part of our lives, it’s not a luxury, it’s something that we need. Art helps elude the monotony of our life’s routines and inspires us to soar to our full potential as human beings.”
With a determined focus on artistic projects and a strong commitment to community, Jérôme is passionate about the future of his studio and his brand and hopes to continue making a difference in the life of everyone he meets.
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